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O Katrina

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    Minsk, Belarus
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  1. Witam wszystkich! Dziękuję bardzo za tłumaczenie tego artykułu. To bardzo krótkie informacje na temat podróży. Było dużo więcej przygody;) I chcę iść znowu!
  2. In Russia and Belarus the phrase "Everybody will ride Enduro!" is very popular last years. It is said in every occasion when chopper/sport rider tells smth is not comfortable for him ))))
  3. Hi everyone So many good words! Also about the colour of my hair! I'm born brunette if it really matters. How is the moto-season opening in Poland? Here we have -2+6 degrees now, but I have started riding on the 1st of March, because I can't wait! And we have already bad news One boy is already dead in accident. There are many motorcycle accidents in Belarus every year. Most of all there are young boys on R1 and other sportbikes. How it is in Poland?
  4. Nice to meet everyone Getting ready for meeting in May
  5. So many people, riding F650gs ))) in Belarus there are not so much
  6. Hi everyone! I am Katrina from Minsk. Riding BMW F650GS for 2 years, riding different motorcycles for 6 years. My passion is mototourism. I have already been to 25 countries. Can tell many stories about travelling )) It's rather funny sometimes. Working as marketing manager in the company selling agriculture machinery (Tractors Belarus, you know ) Slawomir has invited me to this forum, so here i am. Wanna make new friends and share experience.
  7. Hi, Everyone) It's me, Katrina. Sorry, I don't really understand polish, so we can speak english or russian. I can answer any questions and it will be a great pleasure for me to join your meeting in spring/summer